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We celebrate the intersectionality of women, with an unsurpassed expertise on women of color.

We are a diversity-driven multicultural marketing agency, helping brands connect with the world's most powerful consumer through the world’s most powerful medium— brand experience.

Did you know that only 1 in 10 women of color believe that brands do a good or great job connecting with them? This market has enormous untapped potential and the way to reach them authentically is through the power of brand experience.

  • 1 in 5 Americans is a woman of color
  • Women of color represent $5 trillion in buying power
  • Women control 80% of all consumer purchasing decisions
  • Women of color have a longer runway as consumers. Their median age is 10 years younger than that of white women

While brands are increasingly saying the right thing, doing the right thing is what matters. Brands that do this well are Experience Brands.

But many marketers are still discovering how, when and where to authentically connect with her.

That’s where Vivi comes in.

We create experiences that recognize HER – her culture and community. We specialize in making her feel valued, understood and truly seen. Whether it’s live, digital, or hybrid, our unique and culturally relevant experiences deliver proof on your brand’s promise.


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Vivi is a multicultural marketing agency that celebrates the intersectionality of women with an unsurpassed expertise on women of color. We have a rich history of working with leading brands on diversity-forward initiatives and creating authentic, culturally relevant experiences that honor and respect all the ways in which she chooses to identify. Say hey to Vivi!

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