Tupac Shakur Estate

Wake Me When I’m Free

Tupac Shakur: Wake Me When I’m Free

Wake Me When I’m Free

Honoring one of Hip Hop’s G.O.A.T’s

How do you create an experience that encapsulates the legacy of someone as prolific as the acclaimed artist and activist, Tupac Shakur? One of the most influential and best-selling music artists worldwide, Shakur is a man whose rich legacy continues to live on 25 years after his death.

To honor the quarter anniversary, the Shakur Estate set out to create an experience that would demonstrate to the public that Shakur was a product of his social, cultural, and political environments. And through his art and world view, he became a symbol for his generation in the fight for humanity.

Tupac Shakur. Wake Me When I’m Free, is a groundbreaking, immersive exhibit that leverages technology, contemporary art, and never-before-seen artifacts to explore Shakur’s life and legacy. Part museum, part art installation, part sensory experience — this 20,000 square foot space delves into the greater meaning of how the world, his influences and his experiences shaped him as an activist and artist. Taking guests on an educational and enlightening journey through a labyrinth of emotions that highlight the reason why his short life retains a powerful pull for fans across multiple generations.

As the experience partner, we helped to execute the creative generated by Project Art Collective, bringing to life Tupac’s personality, rich history, and enduring impact. Using our production and technical expertise, we fabricated 11 rooms that resurrect the story and spirit of Tupac Shakur from 12-foot sculptures of his tattoos, a 360-degree theater, a recreation of the California Love music video and much more. Visitors journey through the experience while listening to individual multimedia devices, allowing each guest to explore at their own pace.


Given Shakur’s influence, it’s no surprise that tickets sold out for the first opening days. The experience launched with an exclusive from local news station, KTLA and received coverage from major media outlets including Ebony, BET, Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, Variety, and more.

The experience also drew attention from a variety of celebrities and athletes including Madonna, Eminem, R&B artist Ledisi, and the entire Portland Trailblazers team and their staff who all shared their experience on social.