We specialize in making people feel valued, understood, and truly seen.

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We challenge ourselves—and our clients—to see the world through their eyes, not through a checklist or single brushstroke.

Vivi is where best-in-class brand experiences meets specialty expertise empowering marketers to tell authentic and culturally relevant brand stories that resonate with audiences in new and unexpected ways. 

As the culture marketing arm of Jack Morton, the global brand experience agency, Vivi connects brands with the world’s most powerful consumers, customers, and employees, with an unsurpassed expertise on women of color.

Our purpose is to celebrate intersectional diversity—and the authentic voices of communities who shape culture and influence the world. By celebrating intersectional diversity, we can harness the untapped potential of your most important audiences, to grow your business and your brand. 

Led by Bonnie Smith, an experienced leader with over 20 years connecting brands with women of color and diverse audiences, Vivi combines the nuanced cultural knowledge of Studio B, a diversity-driven, woman owned agency founded by Smith, with the scalability and 80+ year legacy of Jack Morton. Together, we have a rich history of working with leading brands on B2C and B2B initiatives to create authentic, cultural experiences and activations at scale. 

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