Creating meaning
through action

diversity events agency

We see the world through her eyes, not through a checklist or single brushstroke.

Vivi is a diversity-driven marketing practice that is part of Jack Morton, the global brand experience agency. We create brand experiences that celebrate the intersectionality of women, particularly women of color.

Led by Bonnie Smith, an experienced leader with over 20 years connecting brands with women of color and diverse audiences, Vivi combines the nuanced cultural knowledge of Studio B, a diversity-driven, woman owned agency founded by Smith, with the scalability and 80+ year legacy of Jack Morton. Together, we have a rich history of working with leading brands on diversity initiatives to create authentic, cultural experiences at scale.

We are a passionate group of marketers, a collective of individuals who not only see this opportunity but approach it through the lens and expertise of our lived experiences. Our team is designed to help brands meet the needs of women of color uniquely and credibly through experiences that celebrate HER – her culture and community.

Our approach is simple. We believe women are unique and Vivid individuals with diverse perspectives and specific needs driven by the cultural and social dynamics of ethnicity, identity, and gender. It’s at this intersection of understanding, where we get deep insight into what moves her as a consumer and brand advocate.

That’s how we create extraordinary brand experiences with intention that allow brands to show what they can DO versus what they can SAY. We create meaning through action to build stronger, lasting connections.

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