She Runs It Multicultural Bootcamp: Lessons Learnt

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May 3rd, 2023 By Vivi

Multicultural BootcampLast week, She Runs It and the Midwest Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee held it’s 11th Annual Multicultural Bootcamp. Leaders across the marketing industry sat down to discuss diverse audiences, shaping corporate culture, and creating communities that invite people of color to join and succeed.

Our own Bonnie Smith, SVP, Head of Vivi, participated in a fireside chat alongside Nikki Newsome, Meta Chicago’s Chief Culture Officer moderated by Edna Uribe, President & General Manager, DOS Chicago, TelevisaUnivision. They discussed the future of work for women and why women in marketing, media and tech still don’t make up 50% of the workforce.

Members of our team attended the event and shared their key takeaways and observations:

Sora Choi, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

“Inspiration is being in a room of industry professionals where I feel safe and seen. I was reminded that we’re all on the journey of inclusion, advising us to understand our own biases and triggers while giving ourselves and others grace. It’s important to learn alongside, network with, and share moments with a group of people eager to help shape corporate cultures that acknowledge and support intersectionality.”

Alyssa Gauger, Associate Creative Director

One thing you need to keep in mind as you continue to grow in your career is to choose the path that scares you the most. You need to set aside the “what ifs”, shift your perspective and go after what you fear the most because there is no growth when you’re in your comfort zone.”

Holly Hackenmiller, Senior Account Executive 

“It’s crucial to our work – and life – that all our day-to-day experiences are inclusive. It’s everyone’s responsibility to get to know other cultures and it’s only possible to begin to understand other’s experiences when we try to meet them where they are and experience their culture firsthand. Embrace the intersectionality, always come to the table with an open ear, get uncomfortable, and do your research (fully). It’s the only way we can actively create environments where everyone feels valued and heard.”

Joanne Joseph, Senior Account Manager

“Speaker Cheryl Grace said: You will recognize that everything you said you wanted was on the other side of fear. That rings so true. Believe in yourself and do it scared! Often times, you may feel like you are alone in experiencing self-doubt or tough times, but you are not alone. Act, feel and believe that you belong!”

Jerusha Williams, Senior Account Executive

“To produce the best creative work, companies must first adopt a multicultural mindset”

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